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Full text of "Henry County. From Its Formation in 1776 to the End of the Eighteenth Century, et seq. (Continued)"

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From its Formation in 1776 to the End of the Eighteenth 
Century, et seq. 

From the records in the clerk's office, by C. B. Bryant, Martinsville, Va. 


1783, Jan'y 23. Daniel Carlin, one of the Gent, named in the new 
Commission of the Peace, took the oath to the Com'wealth of Virginia, 
the oath of a Justice of the Peace, the oath of a Justice in Chancery and 
a Justice of Oyer & Terminer. 

Wm. Ryan is appointed Captain of a company of militia in this county, 
Spencer Clark first Lieut., & Sam'l Boiling, Ensign. 

Wm. Choice is appointed first Lieut, to Capt. Tully Choice's comp'y of 
militia & Burwell Reives, ensign. 

1783, Feby. 27. Thompson Dickinson is allowed 10J Bushels Corn 
furnished the General Hospital at Col. Perkins's on .certificate of Jas. 
McCubbins, Purchasing Com. to the said Hospital. 

Wm. Tunstall, Esq., is allowed .£150. 10. o. money advanced by him 
to purchase Guns for the Militia of this county on certificate of Jas. 
Shelton, Capt. of the said Militia. 

John Lloyd is allowed 16 bushels corn & 13 bundles Fodder furnished 
General Hospital at Col. Perkins's. 

Stephen Lee is allowed 200 lbs. Beef, 6 Diets & % bushel corn fur- 
nished com'mr of the Provision Law for said county. 

Samuel Tarrant is allowed 36 lbs. Bacon, 235 lbs. Indian Corn meal, 
six barrels & one peck of Corn & 36 feet of fodder for the use of Col., 
Lee's Partizan Legion furnish George Carrington, Q. M. P., to the said 

Wm. Sams allowed 20 lbs. Pork furnished same. 

John Barksdell is allowed 79 days service as Steward to the Military 
Hospital at Henry Courthouse, Wm. Reed, Senior, Surgeon. 

Joseph Ellis, £1. 12. 6. for Gun impressed into the Military service. 

Frederick Fulkerson, 5 diets to Montgomery Militia going home. 

Daniel Reamey, 16 lbs. Bacon to Geo. Carrington, Q. M. P., Lee's 

Wm. Adams, 375 lbs. Beef to Com'mr of Provisions, this county. 

Mr. Parks, 84 lbs. Pork to a party of Cavalry under command of Rob- 
ert Simons, cornet to 1st Reg't Light Dragoons. 

Wm. Roberts, 600 Bundles Fodder to Col. Richard Hampton for brig- 
ade of South Carolina wagons. 

Jarrett Patterson, 10 Barrels Corn for same. 


Joseph Clark, 60 bushels Corn for Col. Crockett's Troops. 

Charles Foster, 31^ lbs. Bacon for Hospital at courthouse. 

Mark Rentfro, 250 lbs. Beef to Com'mr of Bedford county. 

John Majors, £3. 10. o. for Rifle Gun to Capt. Joseph Martin. 

Samuel Coleman Morris, 30 lbs. Bacon, 15 lbs. Pork & one barrel 
•corn to a brigade of South Carolina Wagons. 

Jesse Witt, 3 Barrels corn & 30 lbs. Bacon for same. 

James Spencer, two dozen sheaves oats for same. 

Thos. Lowe, 2 >£ Bushels Oats for wagons of Wm. McCraw, A. D. Q. 
M. Gen'l, at Peytonsburgh, on their return from Charlotte. 

The same, 2% Bushels Corn to the Militia of Rockbridge on their re- 
turn from the Southward. 

The same, 5 bundles Fodder & 5 diets to Sam'l Moore, F. M., to a 
Brigade of South Carolina Wagons. 

Also, £&. 10. o. Paper Currency, for a Hogg, March nth, 1781. 
Also forage for 10 horses of the Guard to said Brigade of Wagons. 

Stephen Lyon, 2 Bus. Salt to Lieut.-Colo. Lewis Burwell on certificate 
of Wm. Willis, Q. M., 1781. 

John Grisham, 42 lbs. Bacon for So. Ca. Brigade Wagons. 

Wm. Poor, 14 lbs. Bacon furnished same. 

James Roberts, 40 lbs. Indian Meal & 33 lbs. Bacon for the Militia 
from Rockbridge, commanded by Capt. James Gilmore, from the South- 

Leonard Vandegriff, 4 bus. corn to Col. Airmont's Corps of Light 
Horse, and 15 bus. corn & 60 bundles Fodder to Gen'l Sumpter's Brig- 
ade of wagons. 

James Rentfro, ,£45 paper currency, for a shot pouch for militia, May 
26th, 1781. 

Wm. Mitchell, ^250 paper currency for a Gun impressed, June 21, 

Wm. Coggins, jficoo, paper currency, for a Rifle Gun impressed by 
Capt. Geo. Hairston when ordered to join Gen'l Green, March 12, 1781. 

George Hamilton, .£325, paper currency, for a Rifle Gun— same, 
same — May 20th, 1781. 

John Gibson, ^800., paper currency, for a Rifle Gun for same service 
by Capt. Hanby, May 22, 1781. 

Wm. Russett, £5. 10. o. for a mare for use in the Cherokee Indian 
Expedition, in 1776. 

John Journican, £2. 10. o. for smooth-bored Gun for the militia when 
ordered out against the Indians. 

Wm. Roberts, for one Hogg, weight 80 lbs., to Capt. Robinson's 
Comp'y of Volunteers on their march to the southward. 

Walter Dunn, for 8 lbs. Bacon for Hospital at C. H. ; also 1 j bbls. corn 
& 12 lbs. Bacon for Lt.-Col. Lee's Legion. 


Elisha Wallen, 2 Pecks meal & 20 lbs. Bacon to same ; also 17 lbs 
Bacon to same. 

Waters Dunn, 28 lbs. Bacon to same. 

Shadrick Turner, for use of his Horse & 9 diets to Capt. Rubel's 
Comp'y ordered out against the Tories ; also for 4 diets & 15 lbs. Fodder 
to Col. Crockett's Regiment. 

James Standifer, 5 doz. sheaves oats, 300 w't of Hay & 6 bus. corn 
to Brigade of Wagons on return from Charlotte to the northward. 

Joseph Price, 61 }( lbs. Bacon to Wm. Howard, D. Com'r of Bucking- 
ham county ; also ^"325 for a Beef to John Bates, Commissioner of said 
county, 17th Nov'r, 1780. 

James Standifer, for rations for 4 men & 10 bundles Fodder for the 
Guard under Capt. James Tarrant on their return with British Prisoners 
to Winchester. 

Daniel Reamey, 200 bundles Fodder to Lee's Legion; also 24 lbs. 
Bacon for the militia, to Wm. Blevins ; also 287 lbs. Beef, 42 diets, 5 
bundles Fodder and one peck corn to Com'mr of Provisions. 

George Waller & Henry Lyne are appointed Commissioners for this 

1783, March 29. John Fontaine is appointed to take a List of Souls, 
the List of Tythes, and a list of Taxable Property in James Tarrant's 
and John Alexander's companies of militia. 

David Lanier also appointed for his own company. 

John Dillard also appointed to his company. 

Archilaus Hughes also to Hamon Critz' company. 

James Lyon also to Shelton's and Cloud's companies. 

Daniel Carlin to his own company. 

Wm. Tunstall to Sam'l Tarrant's & Geo. Reyno's companies. 

John Salmon to John Barksdale & Jos. Cooper's companies. 

Henry Lyne to John Cunningham's company. 

Abraham Penn to Matthew Small's company. 

John Rentfro to Thos. Hale's & his own company. 

Swinfield Hill also to his own company. 

Spencer Clack to Tully Choice's & Wm. Ryon's companies. 

Jesse Heard to James Cawdin's & Thos. Smith's companies. 

John Newman appointed to solemnize marriages. 

James Lyon, Esq., produced a commission from the Governor ap- 
pointing him Lieut. Colonel of the militia of this county, and took the 
usual oaths. 

(to be continued)